Tuesday, February 16, 2016

History on the road

Ryder Hesjedal: new team, plans to make history in the Giro
Andrew Smith's blog The Past Speaks notes an unusual course in business history. The course requirements include joining a 500 km cycle tour to a range of sites of business history around Montreal
An extremely innovative business history class at HEC MontrĂ©al may be the right model. This class, which is taught by Anne Pezet and Brian King, has received a lot of attention from AACSB recently.... It’s run in the summer and involves a 500km bike tour to sites of business-history interest (ruins of old factories, etc) plus visits to historic family firms to network with the managers. A van follows the students with their suitcases so that they can change into business attire when they reach their destinations.
German historians used to identify one essential historical skill with the word sitzfleisch, meaning the ability to park one's ass in a chair long enough to get the work done.  What's the German for saddle-flesh?

Image: Cyclingmagazine.ca

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