Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This month at Canada's History: Women

... the fourteen-page cover story is 20 Great Women, profiles by historians, curators, scholars, and personalities (Joan Sangster, Charlotte Gray, Michèle Dagenais, Adrienne Clarkson, Tina Loo, Orenda K. Boucher Curotte and others) with original portraits by Robert Clark.
Not many people plunge into activism at age fifty-five and spend the next twenty years in a fight that is unpopular with many in their own community.  But that's what Mary Two-Axe Earley did.
I got to know Anne Hébert when we were both living in Paris in the 1980s.  She lived alone in the fifth arrondissement in a tiny apartment where she would serve her guests tea in a formal, old-fashioned Canadian way.
Doris Anderson became the editor of Chatelaine in 1957 and over the next twenty years broke new ground as she transformed the traditional women's magazine into a platform for exploring critical topics such as abortion, birth control, and child abuse
Bold cover, too -- I hope it moves a lot of newsstand copies.

My own column in this issue speculates about the best job in Canadian history -- as a way into the task faced by the team at the Canadian Museum of History who are creating the new Canada History Hall. It's just all of Canadian history in 4000 sq meters for a million visitors a year for the next few decades.

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