Tuesday, December 08, 2015

More history of museum appointments

Updating an item of November 24:

Elizabeth Thompson of iPolitics reports the new government's attempt to get 33 appointees to renounce the reappointments-in-advance the previous government doled out to them before its defeat does include Mark O'Neill, CEO of the Canadian Museum of History. He is among those who have received a official letter making the request.

Thompson also confirms that these re-appointments were planned directly by the Prime Minister's Office, not by the ministries concerned, and that extending Conservative influence for as long as possible was very specifically the aim. Some of the early re-appointments  extend terms into the 2020s. Apparently the Conservative re-appointments covered every single board seat at the National Energy Board through the life of the current parliament.

Thompson reports that the new government assures those who do renounce their early reappointments that they are welcome to seek consideration for re-appointment at the appropriate time. Some hold at-pleasure appointments, in any case, and could be removed even if they decline to abandon Mr. Harper's gift to them.

Should he agree to renounce his reappointment, O'Neill would be in the last six months of his current five year term, so he would be entitled to some prompt confirmation about his future from the new government.

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