Monday, November 02, 2015

Reviews from all over

My review of Charlie Angus's Children of the Broken Dream, the northern Ontario MP's memoir of a fight for decent schooling at Attiwapiskat, appears in this month's Literary Review of Canada, now appearing.

And Daniel Francis reviews my Three Weeks in Quebec City in this month's Geist.

The reviews are either not available digitally or behind a paywall. (This comes up with my Canada's History's columns too.) It's always a little awkward, I know, because increasingly what's not online seems barely to exist. Now I know neither Dan Francis nor I is particularly anti-digital. The digital unavailability of content is frequently related to the fact that magazine publishers are reluctant to pay for digital rights and/or want to charge for digital access.

So if you can find a magazine stand, I hope you can find some of these publications on them. Or:  subscribe!

Update:  Meanwhile, in other mag news, a depressing report of events at The Walrus.
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