Friday, September 25, 2015

That Review of Canadian History Books WANTS YOU

I've been doing a little planning and organizing about how to marshall the talents of the readership here to run more notices about recent and noteworthy books in Canadian-interest history.  And that continues. More news to come, I hope.

But in the meantime, the fall book season is upon us, and something needs to be done.  So:  a pitch to readers of this blog who might consider doing book note reviews here. If interested, take a look below the jump.  If not, move along!

  • If you have some historical credentials and/or writing experience, volunteer to write occasional book notes/reviews for this blog. I'm starting a list, so to start, it could be just an email to me -- yes, I'd do that.
  • Consider suggesting a book you can write about right now. Preferably new this fall, and must have been published in the past year (we'll get to neglected past works in time, maybe)
  • I'm inclined to say: send your full scale reviews to the serious journals. For this project, a book note will usually suffice:  what the book is, what it's about, a reason to read it, info on where to find a copy.  (For examples, see under Book Notes in the "labels" to this blog.)
  • No logrolling, please.  We all want to promote ourselves and friends, but I'm expecting a certain amount of independence and dispassion here. Note books for being noteworthy, not to curry favour with your besties or mentors.
  • Local history, specialized studies, trade market books, academic press titles -- all fine. Should be of Canadian interest, history, and non-fiction.
  • Getting review copies sent out to volunteer reviewers?  That is the plan, NOT YET solidly in place. So you can suggest new and forthcoming titles you would like to receive for review -- but to get the ball rolling, I'm hoping you have books already read you want to Note.
  • For the moment at least: no revenue, no remuneration! Book Notes remain your own work, and you can publish them elsewhere without restraint as you wish. We expect only your declaration that the work is your own and permission to publish it here on this blog over your name and institutional affiliation or link (if you choose to provide one).
Beyond that:  let me know.  The goal is simply to keep us all better informed about new and noteworthy books on Canadian history.  Hoping you can help.
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