Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Franklin mystery?

After the discovery of the Erebus late in the exploration season last year, it seemed reasonable to have high expectations for the 2015 season's investigation of the Franklin ships.  Maybe not the discovery of HMS Terror but at least some news about ongoing inspection of Erebus might have been expected

Parks Canada has just posted an update on "what's in the water this year" as part of its weekly Mission Update series -- and again it's just a listing of the nifty tech they are using. (Update: a few dive photos here.)  Whatever has been done or found this year is evidently being kept under wraps. Just no progress? Or is another prime ministerial media event looming -- closer to October 19, maybe?

We don't much link to Buzzfeed here -- can't we generate our own stupid stuff! -- but a couple of days ago it was to Buzzfeed that journalist Paul Watson took his long, detailed expose of how the discovery of Erebus last year and the credit for it, were manipulated and distorted. See the story here.
Those who actually found the wreck, along with others who spent years on the search, seethed in anger as they watched what they saw as a historic moment being misrepresented to the public.
Photo: CCGS Wilfrid Laurier by Jonathan Moore (no relation) from Buzzfeed.
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