Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Just another day in Qaqortok

Hvalsey Church, abandoned c1408 -- been there!

After the Norse starved/fled/died/got better offers in Scandinavia in the 15th century, European interest in Greenlandic settlement started again in the 1780s, when one Anders Jensen tried a settlement based on sheep-rearing on the west coast near the southern tip of Greenland.  Some years later he moved to Qaqortok, (Julianthab to him) and is regarded as the founder of the town, some of whose buildings, including a nice little museum date to c1800.

But wifi is buggy as hell here tonight, so that's it for now.  Hope to continue travel notes plus regular blogging, but that somewhat depends on events tomorrow, when some explanations should be forthcoming.
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