Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Hilsen fra Groenland.

A little like a very small St John's
Suck it up, monkeys.  You're at home, probably preparing for school.  And I'm in Qaqortok, Greenland.

How do you get to Greenland?  Practise history, practise history, practise history.  But today it actually involved flying Toronto-Amsterdam-Copenhagen, then taking Air Greenland from Copenhagen to Nurnarsuaq Narsarsuaq,* and then riding the AG helicopter down the fjord to Qaqortok.  23 hours total, 10,000 k, more or less.

History of Oaqortok.  The name may mean "white thing," more or less, and may be named for Hvalsey Church, the most substantial Norse sight in Greenland, which is a few k away up the fjord. The stone walls of the ruined church and other buildings were originally plastered in mortar made from local seashells, hence blazing white in the heyday. That heyday ended c1408, the last record of Norse occupation.

More to come.

* Hardly anyone speaks more than restaurant-waiter English - which is kinda charming if you have visited hyperlingual northern Europe lately -- and Greenlandic ain't easy to spell, let alone say.
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