Monday, August 17, 2015

History in the summer LRC

The July-August Literary Review of Canada includes Philip Girard's review of my Three Weeks in Quebec City. It's paywalled, but we can reveal that the concluding sentence calls it a "sparkling, succinct, and thought-provoking account."  The rest of it is not bad either.

Also in history mode, Joshua Gans on the history of BlackBerry (available online), Brian Brett on Kathleen Rodgers's study of American draft resisters in the Kootenays; Adele Barkley on a new biography of the surprisingly complex figure Calixa LavallĂ©e, composer of O Canada, Ken McGoogan on Debra Komar's forensic analysis of the killing of John McLaughlin Jr at the Fort Stikine post of the HBC... in 1842, and Sophie McCall on indigeneous peoples and national parks around the world
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