Saturday, August 29, 2015

A History book review of sorts?

Would you consider becoming an occasional reviewer if we started a little informal review of (mostly Canadian) history books here?

I'm thinking

  • there is not enough timely notice of new Canadian history books out there
  • this blog is at least timely -- and (reasonably) available
  • many of its readers must be looking at new Canadian history titles worthy of attention
  • I can't search out all of 'em myself.
So my thought is to invite readers of this blog who are also reading new books deserving of notice to become occasional reviewers.  I'm thinking probably we would not try to compete with the scholarly or popular press. "Reviews" might be more like brief notes to bring a book to readers' attention:  what's the book, who's it by, what's it about, something of interest about it. They would be signed.  (They would also be unpaid! You might get a book now and then.)

Right now: Don't send me a review!  I can't handle that right now.  Just give it some thought.  I'll think out a few details and put out an invitation soon.
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