Monday, July 13, 2015

History of Rogers Majestic War Worker medals? A bleg

Reader Colette wonder if anyone can enlighten her about the medal shown. Rogers Majestic was the Toronto-based radio and broadcasting company begun in the 1920s by Ted Rogers Sr. (father of Ted Rogers of Rogers Communications, the cable/internet/mobile phone giant).  But she has found nothing about the circumstances of the awarding of medals to  war workers (in the Second World War, presumably), and nothing about their potential value, scarcity, or collectibility:
Why was is given out? Who received these pins? I remember Mom saying  that she had worked for Campbell’s Soup and something about radio tubes (hence Rogers Majestic). Would appreciate any information that you have or if you could suggest where to look next. 
Any details sent by email (cmed[at] will be posted and forwarded to Colette.
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