Friday, March 13, 2015

Champlain sur le petit ecran

TFO, the Ontario French-language public television network, launches on Monday at 9 pm "Le Reve de Champlain," a three-hour six-part dramatized television documentary (a "docu-fiction" they call it) based on David Hackett Fischer's 2008 biography Champlain's Dream.

Champlain is played by the Quebec actor Maxime Le Figuais, who may be the hunkiest Champlain ever, but apparently there is also a substantial participation by historians and Champlain scholars, including Fischer. I see no word on the program's online availability or any broadcast outside TFO's Ontario range, but apparently a one-hour English-language version is imminent. TFO has a substantial website/Facebook/Android presence supporting the broadcast, starting here.
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