Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Museum of Slavery

Black History Month is officially over, but this New York Times Magazine story on the first (!) museum in the United States devoted to slavery is not time-limited. Other restored plantations in its Louisiana neighbourhood emphasize the genteel life of the Big House, but the white lawyer who has restored Whitney Plantation has gone in another direction:
As a descendant of Irish laborers, he has no direct ties to slaveholders; still, in a departure from the views held by many Southern whites, Cummings considered the issue a personal one. “If ‘guilt’ is the best word to use, then yes, I feel guilt,” he said. “I mean, you start understanding that the wealth of this part of the world — wealth that has benefited me — was created by some half a million black people who just passed us by. How is it that we don’t acknowledge this?”
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