Friday, January 02, 2015

WLU Press to close?

There is a petition circulating against Wilfrid Laurier University's decision that WLU Press is not essential to the university's "mission" and that the press and/or WLU's funding for it should perhaps be phased out.

WLU Press is perhaps best known for its many publications in military history, in childhood and family studies, and for an innovative program in life writing and memoirs, but a look at the website suggests a widely diversified range of titles, including quite a few by historians.

The more publishers the better, so this is a bad thing, is probably the reaction of any academic author thinking about publication opportunities.

But how many university presses does the Canadian academic community need?  Evidently the press is some significant financial burden on one of Ontario's smallest universities.  If McGill and Queen's have been able to collaborate on a jointly-labelled press (for fifty years or so) , there might be opportunities for some similar partnership here.
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