Friday, November 14, 2014

Maclean's on leadership

Maclean's has its own views on the democratic deficit in Canada, so it's probably inevitable it skews my views to support its own in its editorial on the crisis of confidence in the Manitoba government. I did say:
As Canadian historian Christopher Moore points out in an interview, “An executive which lacks the confidence of a majority of the people’s elected representatives is no longer a legitimate government.”
But that hardly means that a general election is required in Manitoba, as they claim I propose. In my clearly expressed view, the NDP caucus, which still forms the majority of the people’s elected representatives in Manitoba, has the right, and indeed the responsibility, to remove Mr. Selinger by majority vote and to choose his successor as premier by the same process. That would truly empower Canadian legislators to represent us effectively.

Maclean's, however, prefers a "never do anything by halves that you can do by quarters" approach.
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