Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This month in Canada's History

... it's war, war, war, as Scarlatt O'Hara used to say:  the special commemorative world wars issue, with contributions from Jack Granatstein and Jonathan Vance, a war art feature, and excerpts from Canada's History's upcoming book, Canada's Great War Album

My own contribution is on a guy called Norman Kelly, MA. He is credited in Pierre Berton's big railway histories from the 1970s as his principal researcher.  What ever happened to that guy?

He turns out to be Toronto's deputy mayor Norm Kelly, the guy who took over when the drugs and the guns and Jimmy Kimmel and all that crazy overcame Rob Ford last spring.  I talked with Kelly recently about Berton and about heritage politics.

If you subscribed like you oughta, it would be in your mailbox already, as it was in mine yesterday.  Actually, there is a digital edition too, if you getting out of dead tree media.
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