Monday, September 08, 2014

Moore on WW1 in the Canadian Historical Review

Hey, it is still something to see one's work in the CHR.  In the September 2014 issue, just out, I have a short essay, "1914 in 2014: What We Commemorate when We Commemorate the First World War,"in the Forum on First World War history and historiography
Canada, not having had a debate in 1914 about entering the war, is unlikely to have one in 2014 about how a self-governing country could allow its foreign and military policy to have been made so uncritically.
Given the absence of debate, in 2014 as in 1914, about why Canada participated in the war, the commemorative impulse seems likely to be defined by efforts to empathize with the violence, danger, suffering, and loss experienced by individual Canadians caught in the war, regardless of its causes or consequences.
Other contributions to the forum by Mark Osborne Humphries, Amy Shaw, Mourad Djebabla, and Tim Cook.  
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