Monday, August 11, 2014

History's half million

The little counting device at right ticked over 500,000 sometime this past weekend.  Half a million (in the four years it has been counting) is a derisory number for any seriously ambitious big-media web presence.  But it's close to half a million more than I expected when I started doing this in 2004, and the pace of increase seem to be growing.  And for our little specialist realm, it seems kinda substantial to me (even allowing for web-crawlers and other bogus total-builders).

I hope not to take the numbers game too seriously, but I am grateful for the evidence that there are those of you who do take an interest.  Thanks.  And come again.

Update, September 18, 2014: hit 601,000 today  This is getting serious. November 10, 2014: Went over 800,000 in the first week of November.
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