Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Star columnists hate you, professor

Yesterday it was Richard Gwyn declaring that history professors are lazy, disengaged, overpaid, over-protected, and don't write well.
The life that a great many Canadian professors lead is just too soft and too-tempting to the lazy. They have tenure, a quite unnecessary system of life-long job security that no academic now defends except to argue it can only be scrapped if all universities agree, which of course they never all will.
And for their work, so much of it self-interested, they make a lot of money. 
Today it is Carol Goar, denouncing "mainstream historians" for promoting a sanitized portrait of John A. Macdonald -- even as she builds a whole column on the critique of Macdonald presented by James Daschuk, ... who, ah, is a professor at the University of Regina, and whose book Clearing the Plains has been winning a slew of awards from his fellow academics. 

NB:  Dashuk is actually in the school of kinesiology and health sciences, not history.

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