Monday, June 02, 2014

Reform Act: fun while it lasted

Judging by Aaron Wherry's report, Michael Chong's effort to put some parliamentary democracy back into Canada's "parliamentary" "democracy" seem to have pretty much run its course.

The act's high thresholds, onerous conditions, and low payoffs -- dismiss the failed leader, you still don't have any say in the next one -- have already sucked most of the life out of the Reform Act.   But if the first hour of debate on it, with talks of coups and mutinies, seems to suggest it's hardly worth the trouble. When Wherry finds it "inconceivable" that MPs could have any meaningful role in leadership selection, he demonstrates again how narrow is the range of things the Canadian political class can conceive of.  But no doubt he's attuned to the parliament he covers.

Chong's Act is scheduled to get another hour's discussion, probably in the fall.
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