Tuesday, May 06, 2014

History of CanLit: Crad Kilodney 1948-2014 (updated below)

Dusty Bookcase posts an obituary tribute from Ruth Bradley St. Cyr for Toronto writer Crad Kilodney, the guy who used to stand on Toronto street corners selling his own self-published works to all comers:  Worst Canadian Stories, Vol. 2, Suburban Chicken Strangling Stories, Pork College.  

I like the story -- without entirely believing it --that he invested sagaciously in the stock market and lived comfortably long after he retired from the book trade.

I saw him the odd time at his work on the street.  Sorry to say I never bought anything.

Update, May 7:  Writer Richard Grayson, friend and colleague to Crad Kilodney, assures me Kilodney's investment portfolio was not invented. Kilodney inherited his Greek-American grandparents' estate, retired from street-selling his works, and got seriously into the investment trade using his real name. Grayson:
I was very skeptical of mining stocks, and told him it was boring and old hat, and suggested he just either put into good index funds or look at high-tech companies -- most of my relatives had only lost money in Canadian mining stocks -- but Crad was pretty sure of himself.  He learned a lot.  I am freaked out, knowing him as I did, by seeing all those photos of him in a suit with people involved in the mining industry.  I think one reason people are keeping his name secret is that he may have been known by his real name as an investor.  I last saw him in the late 80s or early 90s, and had not been much in touch until last year after he told me about his fatal illness, so I can't be sure of this.  But I am certain he was fairly wealthy.
So it seems not to be a clever fictional flourish, but a true life history.

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