Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Who you reading, continued

Andy Thomson, who teaches business history at the Schulich School at the York University of Toronto (sorry), may have the explanation why J.R. Booth ranks top-20 in the most popular DCB article rankings  (as noted here earlier):
I smiled when I saw how high Booth had placed on the DCB list. I coordinate a first year business history course that all Schulich BBA students are required to take. One of our assignments is a comparative essay between a Canadian business figure and one from the U.S. or U.K. We have recently used Booth twice as one of the Canadian choices and with almost 400 students in 10 sections I'm sure that helped drive the numbers. The DCB is invaluable for this assignment. We have looked at Gordon McGregor, Donald Smith, Timothy Eaton and several others. (always open fopr suggestions as well!) 
 Thanks, Andy. (Our readers know everything!)
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