Thursday, March 27, 2014

This month at Canada's History and Kayak

What's in the new issue of Canada's History? I don't have to summarize it, I'll just link to Tom Morton's blog from British Columbia, which covers it very well --  including this part which says nice things about me so I don't have to do it myself for once:
One of the most thoughtful pieces relevant to history educators is Christopher Moore’s column “Pedestals and politicians”. With many anniversaries approaching us, Moore raises important questions about how we should remember key figures and events from the past like Sir John A. Macdonald and the start of the First World War. He writes, “Public history, official history, does not have to pick winners and pump up triumphs for us. Better for it simply to help us notice and ponder the great historical doings that happened in some time and place. Often, the lessons are best left to be debated, not laid down as triumphal answers.”
We've had enough buzz from educators and readers that the column is now up on the Canada's History website.

Update:  Nancy Payne, editor of Kayak, the kid's history magazine that also comes from the Canada's History team, sent me a copy of January's issue, full of imaginative ways of talking about Confederation, with a nice piece by sometime contributor here Anne McDonald on Mercy Anne Coles, Miss Confederation of 1864. I've just realized that I never actually blogged it like I oughta.  Thanks, Nancy.   The March issue is the one your kids could be getting right now, and this is the cover:

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