Monday, March 31, 2014

History of consultants, experts, freelancers

Three experts were retained by the Harper government to advise whether it could appoint Marc Nadon to the Supreme Court of Canada.  Former SCC judge Ian Binnie charged $6000 for his opinion, former SCC judge Louise Charron got $4000, and professor Peter Hogg got just $1000.

It's the differentials that intrigue --we should have predicted it.  Of the two judges, the man charges more than the woman once again, but they have both been lawyers, and at least know to bill something for their expertise. The prof gives his work away -- no wonder so many recent-grads are bullied into working as interns! (Heather Mallick is brilliant on internships, btw: "this generation's slaves." If magazines cannot run without unpaid interns -- and unpaid contributors, too often -- they shouldn't be in business.

'Course the three experts on the Nadon appointment all said no problem, and were all proven wrong last week.  What's that worth?

Update:  An intern's story.
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