Friday, January 03, 2014

UFC -- Ultimate Fighting, Confederation

In the Globe and Mail, Richard Gwyn and Alastair Sweeny go toe-to-toe on the "true father of confederation."

Gwyn: "Cometh the right time, cometh the right person. He was John A. Macdonald".  Sweeny:  "The real driver of Confederation was Macdonald’s colleague, his “Siamese twin,” Sir George-√Čtienne Cartier."

Maybe if the Reform Act actually does restore the accountabiity of leaders to caucuses, historians will start to remind us that there were 36 fathers of confederation -- that the main requirement for confederation was a big room.  But as long as our political culture is so leader-driven, this kind of debate is probably inevitable.  Some fun reading, tho'.  Sweeny again; 
"Why has Macdonald garnered better press, with some even calling him “Father of the Country”? Willful ignorance of the facts and reliance on myth, rather than reality."
Update, January 13:  A late contender noted by Everyday History: Barbara Messamore makes the case for George Brown.
"Brown held the key to bringing it all about." 
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