Monday, December 23, 2013

History of Classic Folk: Sun over Darkness Prevail

Richard White teaches urban history at UT Mississauga. But in an earlier incarnation as an Edmonton musician doing a little heritage consulting on the side, he became acquainted with Stephan G. Stephansson (1853-1927), the Icelandic pioneer of central Alberta and a legendary Icelandic poet. (See what Canadian Encyclopedia says about White/Stephansson here.)

In 1985 White, leading most of Edmonton's best musicians, set some of Stephansson's translated lyrics to music in an album called Sun Over Darkness Prevail. It has been selling nicely ever since at the preserved Stephansson House near Markerville, Alta. But vinyl has become sort of historic itself over the years.

Now White's album is available to sample, as a CD, as a download, and yes, even as vinyl via Bandcamp here: Sun Over Darkness Prevail.
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