Friday, November 08, 2013

McGooghan on Canadians

Down last night to Dora Keogh on the Toronto Danforth to help Ken McGooghan launch his new 50 Canadians Who Changed the World.

Ken limits himself to Canadians born in the 20th century, so he ain't just rewriting the DCB here. He set up his table of contents more like a "Jeopardy" segment: "Canadians." A smart crowd at the bar last night got pretty much all of these:

  • An Ontario farm boy advises American presidents
  • A spirited Muslim calls for an Islamic Reformation
  • A fire-eating clown reinvents the circus
  • A globe-trotting doctor does her work in war zones
  • First this Montreal jazzman took Manhattan
  • A Booker Nobel prize winner creates her own country
I know you will ace these -- answers after the jump if you need reassurance.  No prizes, but McGooghan has his own giveaway contest here.

Meanwhile, following Ken's own lead, Three things I Hate About Ken McGooghan
  • To promote this book, he got to do a trans-Canada train odyssey and stay at legendary hotels
  • He can sing and play guitar at his own book launches
  • I forget the other one.
Ken's six Canadians (order jumbled):  Who are Samantha Nutt, Alice Munro, John Kenneth Galbraith, Guy LaLibert√©, Irsad Manji, and Oscar Peterson?

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