Friday, September 06, 2013

History of bike racing in Alberta

This is a history blog, and I really do intend to start covering history news again.  I've been a little busy getting back into the swing of things.  (I note a lot of other history blogs seem quiet this week, too, no doubt due to the start of the academic term.)

Meanwhile, even though it is not July, some bike racing. The six-day Tour of Alberta, the inaugural running of what is billed as the most substantial bike race ever held in Canada, is looking pretty terrific despite a few broadcasting glitches, and my boy Ryder Hesjedal is doing well, despite an awkward miscue in Stage 1.

Update, September 9:  Tour wrapped up yesterday before 100,000 10,000 fans in Calgary (Calgary Sun coverage here). Good racing all week, lots of fans, and Alberta never looked better.They had spectacular landscapes to race in, for sure. The Tour of Alberta deserves continued support and could grow into something spectacular. Here's hoping they even zip over into Saskatchewan or B.C. once in a while. And that the puckheads at Sportsnet start treating cycling seriously and competently -- or that the Tour finds another broadcaster.
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