Wednesday, August 07, 2013

What became of the War of 1812?

Now, last summer, it seemed, the War of 1812 was in all the media.  It was impressive how much coverage War of 1812 events seemed to command.

This summer -- well, it was a slow summer for landmark battles, and even more so for media coverage. Even the American capture of Toronto didn't seem to really hit the headlines last spring, and except for Laura Secord's walk to Beaver Dams last month, the War of 1812 commemorations this summer seem to be drawing less coverage.

Tomorrow marks the 200th anniversary of the sinking of two American vessels, Hamilton and Scourge in Lake Ontario -- which became a bit of a buzz a few decades ago when their nearly intact remains were located on the deep dark cold bottom of the lake. There was a temporary buzz about raising one or both for display in Hamilton, but reality intruded pretty quick. They are now listed as National Historic Sites -- and still way down there.

Image from The Orderly Book which has the story.
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