Monday, June 03, 2013

View from your (historical) window (updated)

... from the archives reading room, third floor of the Library and Archives Canada Building, Wellington Street, Ottawa.

Update, same day:  One of the most beautiful rooms I know, by the way, and the view is an important part of it.

I'm not doing any research serious enough to allow me to testify meaningfully as others have about the collapse of archival service standards at the LAC -- but I was looking at microfilm that a year or so ago I could have had in my local library via inter-library loan and saving the expense of a visit.

Oh, later I went to the Museum of Civilization and did indeed gaze on the Champlain/Chapeleau baptismal register.  Thanks, Jean-Francois.

Update, June 4  So the staff is not on duty until 10 am on Tuesday, only the security staff,  but I registered yesterday, but the reading rooms were open at 8 am and I could help myself to the self-service microfilm.  Except if you want to copy or scan or do anything slightly 21st century, you need a password to turn on the saftware, and only the staff has passwords....  So much for the digital revolution!
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