Thursday, June 06, 2013

Book Notes: Mississauga Portraits and Black Loyalists

Recently come to my attention:

Donald B. Smith's Mississauga Portraits: Ojibwe Voices from Nineteenth-Century Canada launches later this month.

Don is book touring in Ontario at the end of June, including Thursday June 20, 7.30 pm at Fort York in Toronto, when his talk on Mississauga chief Sloping Sky will be followed by an outdoor sunset performance at 9:00 p.m: the world Premiere of The Honouring by Kaha:Wi Dance Theatre, part of the Indigenous Arts Festival Fort York is hosting June 20 - 22.

And (blush) Don claims he adapted his title from a book title of mine.

Ruth Holmes Whitehead, perhaps best known as the Nova Scotia Museum ethnologist and author of many Mi'kmaq studies, expands her range of Nova Scotia minority studies with Black Loyalists, newly out from Nimbus Books. From the publisher's site:
"Black Loyalists is an attempt to present hard data about the lives of Nova Scotia Black Loyalists before they escaped slavery in early South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and after they settled in Nova Scotia—to bring back into our awareness the context for some very brave and enterprising men and women."
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