Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The madness for King Charles

The king and his mom
"The Canadian head of state is a matter of Canadian constitutionalism, not a matter of dictation from another nation."
says Saskatchewan constitutionalist John Whyte. And it is. Canada clearly has the constitutional power to act. But to control its own affairs, Canada will have to chose to act as a state with constitutional powers and responsibilities.

Randy Boswell (a perfect name for someone writing gossip/politics about the Windsor family!) considers the Canadian implications of a British furore over young Charles gradually supplanting his mom.  Several Canadian politico-legal scholars chew over the constitutional choices and problems that could arise.

Surely the way to sort out these choices is to make some. The constitution establishes that decisions about the head of state require agreement between Parliament and all the provincial legislatures.  So why not start trying to draft something and see how many legislatures might be inclined to sign on?  Sure, it's a high threshold -- all the more reason to start exploring where some consensus might lie.

Photo from National Post.

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