Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Our boy in the big leagues (just to remind you the Tour looms)

Our boy and last year's Giro d'Italia champion Ryder Hesjedal leading the pack in stage 3 of this year's race.  Finished third actually, and sits nicely in the top ten after stage 4 today.   Race continues to May 26,

Photo from steephill.tv, which is about the only place Canadians will see much film of the Giro.  Yeah, I know, there's this other sports championship underway.

Update, May 17:  Well, that was disappointing.  Hesjedal has withdrawn from the Giro after several days of really terrible results, apologizing for being unable to live up to the #1 he wears as last year's champion.  As usual Victoria Times-Colonist has the best Canadian coverage. Tour champion Bradley Wiggins also withdrew, citing illness.  On the other hand, Vincenzo Nibali, the homecountry hero, is going gangbustas.  
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