Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This week in This Week in History

...in western Canadian history, the Glenbow recalls a great ball of fire in the Alberta sky in March 1934, and much else

Sympatico notes that PEI banned automobiles in 1908

Parks Canada salutes aviation engineer Elsie Gregory, "Queen of the Hurricanes."

Canada History (not the magazine) reports that the skirmish at Duck Lake between Louis Riel's Metis forces and Superintendent Leif Crozier's NorthWest Mounted Police and Prince Albert volunteers took place today in 1885.

CBC's Digital Archive notes the bursting of the Bre-X bubble in 1997

The Canadian Encyclopedia timeline notes the birth of comedian Martin Short in 1950, and much else

Something called Bite Sized History has "no events for this day."

And Radio Station CJSW features the Aroostock War settlement on the Maine-New Brunswick border in 1839.

Last fall we had a little discussion on this blog of where to go for Today in History information.

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