Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This Month in Canada's History

... the Montreal bed-in, the fate of a family farm, a Canadian artist in occupied Paris, McGoogan back in the Arctic, and more.

The issue also has a Blimpish letter to the editor from lawyer, author, and Olympian Richard Pound (who is also board chair of the foundation that publishes the mag). He was provoked by Ian McKay and Jamie Swift's "Warrior Nation" essay in the previous issue ("puerile negativism, distortion, and gratuitous insults rampant"). As it happens, my own column explains why last year's debate about the meaning and uses of the War of 1812, to which McKay/Swift were valiant contributors, is likely to be repeated for the WW1, John A, and Canada 150 commemorations that are looming -- and why that's a good thing. The best thing about public commemorations is often the public debates about meaning they produce.  

And to promote the issue, Mark Ono Reid, Mama Deb, and the rest of the band have taken to song.
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