Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jack Layton informal biography

Just a quick note to recommend a book published last year, the first 'biography' of Jack Layton. My gut feeling is that there will be much scholarship and reflection on his life and work in the future.

Love, Hope, Optimism: An informal Portrait of Jack Layton by those who knew him. ed. James L. Turk & Charis Wahl. Toronto: James Lorimer & Co. Ltd. 2012.

The book is a collection of anecdotes and reflections from individuals who knew and worked with Jack. Political bias aside, I found it to be an inspiring book on a human level and will be passing it off to non-Dippers as well as party faithful! So, if you're interested I would highly recommend the book as a first step in the study of Jack Layton the person and Jack Layton the activist/politician.

I believe any proceeds from the book sales go to the Broadbent Institute (maybe I shouldn't mention that!?)

Here's some excerpts from the book printed in the Toronto Star last year.



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