Monday, February 04, 2013

Jack Layton Records at Ryerson University Archives

Hi everyone!

Long time no type. I've just recently the pleasure of being involved in archival work on the Jack Layton records at Ryerson University Archives and Special Collections. The opportunity comes to me through a course practicum out of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Information. I thought I'd share some of the great work that has been done with the collection so far. In addition to an online exhibit, Remembering Jack Layton, there is also a small but mighty onsite exhibit of the Layton collection at the Ryerson University Archives. Layton began his academic career at Ryerson University in 1974, teaching government and city politics courses. He would stay with the school until 1984.

With the donation Ryerson University has created lecture series and chair in memory of Layton and his time at the university.

Like all of us, I have numerous ideas for articles and books floating around in the jumbled net that is my academic mind. I would love someday to research and write on the history of public mourning in Canada, triggered by the spontaneous events following Layton's death.

Anyway, enjoy the online exhibits and do make it to the in-house exhibit if you've time and interest. The archives staff are knowledgeable and excited about the collection.

Layton while a professor at Ryerson.
Taken from:
Myer Siemiatycki and Jack Layton at Ryerson, 1979. Taken from:

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