Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the 150th Anniversary of Confederation

Yes, it's a bit away yet but the CBC/Radio - Canada, VIA, and Community Foundations of Canada are starting the planning for how we'll celebrate Canada's 150th in 2017. Conferences will be held across the country this spring from April through to June with a summary event in Ottawa of all the highlights of the planning ideas.
        OTTAWA, Jan. 28, 2013 /CNW/ - Today, CBC/Radio-Canada, VIA Rail Canada and Community Foundations of Canada, in collaboration with a number of leading organizations across the country, announced cities and dates for its CANADA 150/2017 STARTS NOW initiative, a conference series that will spark a national conversation about Canada's upcoming 150th anniversary.

    (I hope they're planning on a updated song and images - though I do admit to loving Bobby Gimby's Ca na da song- I was 7 in 1967 and lived close to Montreal and I'm sure we were there for the original. Fun re-mix and good video with all the Pied Piper esqueness of it here .)

    PEI is starting now as they count down to 2014, the 150 th anniversary of the Confederation conferences in Charlottetown and Quebec in 1864. They've got lots of fun pieces and information on community grants - next deadline Feb 15.

And if you like your history more educational - try out the Confederation History Quiz that the Historica Dominion Institute put together for the Postmedia News. It's good and thorough!

And here's a good article about the history of Confederation by Mark Kennedy for Postmedia News from Jan 3, 2013 that I just saw. I love the line "Nearly 150 years later, after Prime Minister Stephen Harper campaigned vociferously in a recent election against the dangers of a Liberal-NDP coalition, the irony of how Canada was born is striking."

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