Monday, December 03, 2012

Maritime Union?

All of us with nothing at stake always seem inclined to think Maritime Union would be a good thing. Most acknowledge it is highly unlikely to happen.  Fun to see it back on the agenda, however.

Historical analogies?  Actually, maritime union was not a serious proposition in 1864 either. None of the Maritime legislatures were at all serious about it when they sent delegates to the conference in Charlottetown.

Worst reason to stay separate? Last night some expert pointed out that PEI, as a province, is entitled to four seats in Parliament.  No longer a province, it might have one -- Big Loss! Yeah, but it's not as if those four actually do anything for the Island.  If the Island elects Tories, they support the Tory line. If it elects Liberals, they support the Liberal line.  A couple of extra tally sticks to throw in ain't really influence.

What to call the new province? The National Post suggests "Nova Brunsward," which is another reason it ain't going to go anywhere. But obviously the name should be The United Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.  The three places really exist, and merging their governments would not change that, so why try to erase their names?  The U.P. -- I could go for that.
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