Sunday, November 11, 2012

11 am, November 11

A lot of strong old  faces among the veterans on the television coverage of the Remembrance Day events in Ottawa this morning. (I don't think it's just the HD picture.)  Always an impressive event, even on TV.  No sure what the prominent Union Jack was there for, though,

Seventy years ago this past week marked the start of my father's active service:  Operation Torch, the Allied North African landings in Algeria, 8 November, after which he was pretty much continuously engaged to the conclusion of hostilities.

Lest we forget.

Update, Nov 12: Mary Stokes sez: "I'm thinking/hoping the Union Jack is there for the Newfoundland regiments."

And Peter Vronsky reminds us, via the Globe&Mail (if you haven't used up your ten free looks a month), that before there was Remembrance Day (1931), there was Decoration Day.


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