Friday, August 24, 2012

What's up at the Library and Archives Canada blog?

With all the online criticism Library and Archives Canada has been getting for its retreat from its services to Canadian history, you would think the institution would be hanging on to what online promotional vehicles its has.  So the status of its blog is curious.

"About the blog" still says it started as a four-month pilot project due to end March 2012 -- and then was extended to August 31, 2012.  But the last posting, undated but seemingly late in August, says it will be changing its format over the next few weeks and when it restarts it will "inform its users" -- which presumably is bureaucratese for "it will start blogging again."  So maybe it's not dead.

Anyway in its brief life it has been an attractive (and attractively non-propagandistic) little information vehicle.  Maybe it will be back.
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