Wednesday, August 22, 2012

History of Currency: Who's in your wallet?

In the wake of the contretemps over having or not having a visibly Asian woman on a new Canadian bill, Victoria historian Merna Forster thinks some women, any women, would be progress in itself.  Women are pretty scarce, she observes, unless they are the Queen.
What a great idea to represent both men and women equally! Wondering who we could include among the female greats for Canadian banknotes? The list is long, and could feature women like Agnes Macphail, Canada's first female parliamentarian, Mohawk diplomat Molly Brant, world-famous opera star Emma Albani, heart specialist Dr. Maud Abbott, Marie-Marguerite d'Youville (dubbed the Mother Teresa of her time), Inuit guide and interpreter Tookoolito, civil rights icon Viola Desmond, aeronautical engineer Elizabeth Gregory MacGill, and the first Canadian doctor to practise medicine in China.
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