Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Regina Cyclone 1912

"Maany buildings were only a year or two old when they were destroyed by the tornado."  (Moose Jaw Public Library Archives)

June 30, 1912  Regina, a town of 30,000, was devastated by the F4 tornado  that swept through. It was a hot and sultry Sunday (much like today in Sask tho it's looking a little stormy now ...) and people were out on Wascana Lake, enjoying the long weekend and getting ready for the Dominion Day Celebrations.

 The CBC has put up a fantastic interactive website with maps as well as photos to compare now and then and historical highlights and interviews on the map. Lots more fun stuff there too for your enjoyment on the Canada Day long wknd.

My favourite is the quiz - try it out see what you know about Regina in 1912 whether you're from near or far. There's a fun question about the Globe and Mail and what was found in an oven that flew through the streets. For more on that you can see Connie Gault's fantastic novel EUPHORIA which captures the Tornado and its effect on people as well as history of the Prairies and Toronto at the time.

And if you're in or around Regina the first half of this month you can catch BD Miller's play Swept Off Our Feet which features Boris Karloff before he was Frankenstein.

Lots more art and stories posted on the web and to come throughout the summer.
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