Tuesday, May 22, 2012

History of the monarchy

Future monarchs? 17% of Canadians hope so
In Britain recently, I was impressed by the way that many British people seemed to have adopted the Queen's Jubilee as their own festivity.  It seemed a big event there.  I don't think it is anything like the same here in Canada, despite pro forma efforts to recognize the event.

As if to confirm that comparison comes an Angus Reid poll reporting that about a third of Canadians say it is their preference that Canada should remain a monarchy (and about half of those are rooting for Prince William over Prince Charles -- though surely the point of monarchy is you don't get to choose). Support for an elected head of state stands slightly higher at 37%.  But only 20% say the debate is of no importance to them.

In Britain, supporters of preserving the monarchy outnumber supporters of an elected head of state by four to one: 54% to 13%.

Photo: Globe and Mail
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