Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Five things about the Charter: Mr Harper's Charter

Striking, how everyone seemed to note the churlishness of this government, ostenstibly so concerned with the nation's history and heritage, trying to avoid altogether the anniversary of the Charter.  The government's evasiveness seemed to spur everyone else to make a point of it.  Indeed, It's what launched this series.

Hell, it's only a thirtieth -- "What's that, the enamel anniversary or something?"  And who needs the government to tell us about historical significance. 

Still, it's a deliberate choice about what history matters and what doesn/t.  Was it calculation -- a cheap bone to throw to the Trudeau-hating, rights-doubting, court-abusing "base?"

Or is it true feeling?  It sometimes seems Mr Harper really does fear and resent any good thing done if it was done by the other guys.  If the other guys got some mileage out of Canadian pride and patriotism, then the new regime has to be against Canadian pride.  

Insisting on making Canadian achievements into partisan talismans... you can't say seems that smart.  the Charter may be around a while. 

Update:  Brian Busby notes another anniversary:
Lost in all the hoopla about the Charter is the fact that today marks the 120th anniversary of the passing of our first Liberal prime minister:
Thought you both might enjoy this silly attack on the man by one of the Four Jameses:
Mean Mister MacDonald Attacks a Prime Minister 
 Also on April 17, the return of Apollo 13, 1970, which engaged me more at the time than the patriation, did in 1982, I think.

Update, April 18:  Here's the coda I needed for this series:  Canada is the world's constitutional superpower.

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