Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How's the War of 1812 doing in the media?

Pretty well, observes Toronto historian Stephen Otto in an email (that I have lightly edited and reprinted with his permission):
The pulse of interest in the War of 1812 bicentennial can be measured, I suggest, through the take-up in the press and publishing industry, not to forget the electronic media.
See the cover story for Canadian Geographic, Jan-Feb issue. It was written by the exceptionally talented and well-named Allen Abel. You might also want to check out the The Walrus magazine's cover story, March issue, which is not online yet but can be found on newsstands currently. Or the cover story in the Royal Canadian Legion's monthly magazine, Legion,  for Jan-Feb, 2012.
And then there are the websites and blogs. Two of the more delightful ones, a day-by-day blog and twitter feed came to our attention Friday through Shawn Micallef. They are posted by Fernando Sousa, a Toronto lawyer with a very literary turn of mind. See also the "Top Tweets" list of posts from other sources. There someone on The Globe's editorial board says it has just finished reading Alan Taylor's book, The Civil War of 1812. This is an interesting image to conjure: the paper's editorial board sitting 'round its table being read to like a bunch of monks.
Another site worth bookmarking is maintained by Peter Twist and his colleagues at the Discerning General  You may want to check out the war from a US perspective Note there a link to the front-page article in the Wall Street Journal this week quoting Toronto's Bicentennial co-ordinator, Sandra Shaul. And the Toronto tabloid T.O. Night, is also on the story.
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