Friday, December 09, 2011

This month in Canada's History

My column in the new Canada's History contemplates the murder of D'Arcy McGee and why it has been so fashionable to suspect that the man hanged for the crime was innocent.  It's a riff on the terrific treatment of the subject in David Wilson's new volume of his McGee biography.

But don't stop with me:  war Brides, war crimes, the evolution of what's been seen as historic in Historic Sites, and Recollet missionaries in 1615, and columns from McGoogan and Paul Jones and....

Info here.

And there's their book, too  100 Days that Changed Canada, all ready for Christmas giving. (Cnn't help noticing that when I google the title, this website comes up at hit #3, behind only and the book's own publisher.  So do we rule as the go-to place for your history news, or is it more a symptom of how little coverage of history the rest of the Canadian media provides?
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