Sunday, October 23, 2011

HIstory War II at the Royal Ontario Museum

Last winter I was obliged to be kinda critical of the trendiness and superficiality that seemed to dominate the "History Wars" debate series at the Royal Ontario Museum -- and had Bliss & Granatstein come after me hammer and tongs in the letters column of Canada's History for my pains. But even last year I reported History Wars had moments that were "lively," "stimulating," and vigorous."

And this year looks stronger.  It starts on Tuesday, October 25, with Andrew Coyne and Sheila Copps debating whether Canadian prime ministers have too much power.  Again, it's current events that "History" Wars offers us.  But Andrew Coyne is one of the only Canadian political thinkers who understands the wisdom of having the parliamentary caucus hold party leaders accountable and if necessary fire and replace them.  So there could be a teaching moment there.

I have another engagement, or I could not be kept away.  Take a look at this one and the rest of the series.
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