Thursday, July 07, 2011

Reflecting Both the Past and Present: Enjoying the Human Sciences in your Reading List this Year!

Albert Einstein's Relativity is one of
the many great scientific works on my
Fall Reading list this year. 

This summer I have been enjoying my seasonal reading list, full of classic literature, including works from Jane Austen and Canadian favourite Lucy Maud Montgomery. But looking ahead I have been organizing and picking out books for the fall. Examining some of my choices for the cooler months, I realized I have unconsciously chosen works that represent the philosophy of the human sciences, representing a history that focuses on society as well as the individual. Including works from Newton to Thomas Moore, Machiavelli and Einstein, these works explore society and the universe to great philosophical levels that continue to be relevant today. With so many new and interesting works coming out we often forget about some of the great past texts, which have not only influenced these new works but have influenced our own political and social believes. So if your thinking ahead to your next reading list consider the works by some of the great minds in history, as they along with their works act as a window to our past, present and future.   
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