Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maybe there are perks to this post...

Last summer, when I went looking for a few volunteer contributors to this blog, I stressed there would be no pay, no perks, no payoff.  But maybe I was wrong.  Jordan Kerr, whose contributions you have been seeing weekly since last fall, is looking for work.  Can this blog find him a job?  (And indeed, I'm still open to new contributors.  Send me an email.)

So, summer has begun and with it the student job hunt. For those of you who remember your student days (or who are still in the midst of it) this is a rather...stressful time as one tries to find a balance between jobs which are easy to get but low pay or jobs that that pay better and suit your training and education and ultimately help you gain experience in the field you want to work in. The ultimate paradox for students. 
Long story short, I'm looking for a summer (or longer) job that fits my experience so far and will help build towards a career in historical research, archiving, library, or museum work.
 I've completed my 4 years honours degree from Carleton University and have so far successfully completed several archival projects through course a practicum and private employment. I also, from my history degree, have extensive research and writing skills. This coming fall I will be beginning my Masters studies in Information Science from the University of Toronto, following the archival stream. Chris has been kind enough to allow me to post this on his blog. I would be more than happy with any paid historical research or archival project. I can, of course, send any one interested my CV with both academic and employment references. Even if there are no specific research or archival positions I would still enjoy working within an academic environment in any capacity that matches my skills. I am not afraid to test uncharted waters when it comes to research or archival projects. Pushing myself into uncertain territory has guided me towards what I hope will be my future career. I look forward to new challenges and learning curves with excitement.
 If interested, please feel free to contact me directly:  jkerr3@connect.carleton.ca

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